Win More Customers of the Type You Want

Most people focus just on advertising to get new customers.

However, advertising can be so much more expensive, based on the results it typically generates, than other forms of marketing. Worse yet, advertising is often so general - going out to the masses rather than to a target market - that the people who respond are not your ideal ‘type’ of customer.

Winning customers is important, but what you want to do is attract more people like the customers you like, rather than ones that make life that little bit more difficult for you!

To make your advertising and other strategies really perform it’s important to be clear on who you want to attract. Write a list of all the characteristics of your ideal customers starting with their demographics. For individuals those are things like approximate age, sex, income levels, dependents and so on. For businesses, consider approximate revenues, number of locations, industry type, number of team members etc. 

Then consider how often they buy, how much they spend, what they’re like to deal with and so on. Be sure to ask your team’s opinions too. From there, think about what appeals to that ideal group. Then make sure your advertising and other marketing strategies are designed to appeal to people like them.

If you are using direct mail, then there are 6 essential ingredients that make it work - a compelling headline, an offer, a call to action, a guarantee, text that explains ‘what’s in it for me?’ for the reader and excellent graphic design and layout. Obviously, the more targeted direct mail is, the more successful it will be.

Other strategies you could consider are actively seeking referrals from your existing customers or from other non-competing businesses who deal with your ideal type of customer. Or offer a truly competitive and meaningful guarantee. Or create offers people can’t refuse. Or add more value than your competitors.

Sometimes it is not more leads that a business needs but a greater conversion rate of the leads it already has.

The telephone, for example, is one of the most under utilised resources in business! Often callers are treated with disdain and interrogated when they phone in. Many businesses just do not know how to convert an enquiry into a sale. Improving telephone techniques is often a pivotal area for increasing the number of new customers of the type you want.

Why not measure your current conversion rate and consider what could you do to improve it?

If you prepare written quotes for potential customers, again, measure your conversion rate and consider how changing the way you quote might have an impact on that rate.

People buy the differences that they perceive between one business and the next. Unique Core Differentiators help your potential customers understand why your business is different from that of your competitors and, therefore, why they should do business with you. A Unique Core Differentiator could be actual, perceived or created - each type would have the desired effect of encouraging potential customers to buy from you.

What is your Unique Core Differentiator and how will it benefit your customers?

Go ahead, identify your ideal customer or client type and start asking your customers for referrals. Or explore some other strategy and win more customers of the type you want.

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