Investor In People Status Award


We would like to announce that we have recently have been awarded status as an Investor In People.

The Investor In People status means that we as a firm invest our time and resources in the training and continued development of our team members.

To achieve this standard a formal report was compiled on Jamesons over the last year, with each team member having being interviewed by an assessor.

The report was then assessed by the Investors In People Review Panel, whose job it is to decide if we as a firm meet the requirements set out in the Investors In People standard.

We were extremely pleased with the comments and feed back and would like to share an extract from the Chairman’s report.

Recognition Panel Feedback

This is a truly excellent report, one of the best I have read!

There are many examples of good practice, I particularly noted the following :-

  • A clear and consistent purpose and vision to "Do what you do well" linked to a strategy for constantly improving performance;
  • Business plan with measurable performance objectives;
  • Staff consulted on the development of the Business Plan and their views are valued;
  • A "One Team" ethos;
  • Strategies to support work/life balance;
  • A culture of openness, trust, coaching and mentoring;
  • A well-structured learning and development programme leading to professional qualifications;
  • Skills and individual talents recognised and nurtured;
  • Creating an environment where the giving and receiving of feedback is encouraged and valued.

I was also pleased to see that there is a pro-active approach to succession planning, in my experience this is so often sadly lacking!

I noted that you have a very positive approach towards the continuous evaluation of your investment in the training and development of staff; this benefits the individual and hence the performance of the organisation as a whole.

I am very pleased to support the assessor's recommendation that Jamesons be fully recognised as an Investor in People; my congratulations to everyone concerned on a very well deserved accolade.

In conclusion I have to say that, for a small organisation, Jamesons are one of the most impressive I have ever read about; there are so many examples of good practice that I intend to recommend to QSE that, with your permission, you be used as a reference standard for others.

Very well done!

Malcolm Lee

We would like to end by saying A very big "Well Done" to the whole team for their contributions both on the assessment day and everyday which is greatly valued.

For more information on the Investor In People status please visit their website

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