How to sell more easily and enjoy it

Date: Thursday 19th May 2016
Time: 9.30 – 1pm
Location: Witney Lake Resort, Downs Road, Witney, OX29 0SY

Like it or not, selling is an essential function in any business, and in small companies particularly, everyone needs to know how to make a sale. But for many of us, selling doesn’t come easily, and if the thought of it fills you with dread, you’re certainly not alone. Many people have a fear of selling, and an inbuilt belief that they’re just ‘not a natural salesperson’.

Does this sound familiar?

The fact is that few people are born great at selling. Those that are successful have simply learned to overcome their nerves, and developed their confidence and sales skills through training. You can too!

Mark Cadbury, leading business coach and sales trainer believes that anyone can learn to sell successfully, that selling need not be a challenge, that it can even be enjoyable. In the course of our morning workshop, he’ll show you how to:

  • Lose the fear
  • Have fun
  • Sell more!

Mark will take you through the sales process, starting from before your first point of contact, through making the sale, and beyond. He will be revealing practical strategies, and showing you how to put in place a repeatable sales system that will help you to enjoy selling, and improve your conversion rate.

You will learn:

  • How the sales process works
  • Strategies to help make your sales pitch more relevant and compelling
  • Techniques to ensure that when the meeting’s over, your proposal gets considered in the very best light
  • How to win those all-important repeat sales
  • ...and above all, how to sell with confidence!

About Mark

Our presenter Mark Cadbury is a highly regarded business coach, trainer and motivational speaker who has developed a reputation for helping his clients achieve sales, revenue and profit growth beyond their expectations. He has an approach to coaching that is creative and pragmatic, helping his clients to understand both the opportunities that are already in the business as well as exploring new possibilities for growth and development.

Before becoming an ActionCOACH almost 7 years ago, Mark was a sales and marketing specialist, with nearly two decades experience working with clients ranging from start-ups and small businesses through to leading FTSE100 companies. Mark has won an ActionCOACH award for Best Client Results.

Selling needn’t be a challenge – let us help make it work for you. Come along and earn to sell confidently and effectively. Come along and learn how to sell confidently and effectively!

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